Simon Ng

Simon immigrated to Canada from Brunei in 1972 and studied at Ontario College of Art from 1982 to 1986.

His general approach toward every project is to work closely with the client to create images that are idea-driven and well-composed, with solutions that are unique to the assignment.

Commercial work aside, he spends the majority of his time with his family, playing hockey, studying the piano and Photoshop, playing hockey, the computer, the Internet and more hockey.

Simon currently lives in Whitby, a quiet east Toronto suburb, where he is finally looking forward to working on large personal works, mixed media and producing new illustration portfolios.

His work has appeared in corporate brochures and annual reports, magazines, stamps, posters and books. Clients range from American Express, IBM, CIBC, Royal Bank, Trimark, Fidelity, Boston Globe, New York Times, Royal Opera (England), Philadelphia Inquirer, NHL Faceoff magazine, Cottage Life, Harcourt, and McClelland & Stewart. Awards have come from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Communication Arts, National Magazine Awards, Studio Magazine, Creativity and Society of Newspaper Design.