Meet Michèle

Michèle has been practicing Hatha yoga for over 20 years and is a 2013 Graduate of Rishikesh Yog Peeth Teacher Training and a 2002-03 Graduate of Georgian College Yoga Teacher Training. She is a Registered and Certified Member of Yoga Alliance.

Michèle loves to explore areas of self-growth and body awareness. As Yoga regards the body as the vehicle of the soul and its journey towards perfection the Pawanmuktasana series (group of anti-rheumatic, digestion and cleansing asanas) breath awareness and meditation will not only develop the body, they will enrich our mental faculties and spiritual capacities. Michele’s classes introduce Traditional Classical Style Yoga to produce balance and empowerment of the individual. A consistent and sincere approach to your yoga practise will build strength of will and character, coordination, flexibility and stamina. Energy levels will increase, circulation will improve, concentration and discipline will be heightened and stress will be reduced. Your body is as young as it is flexible and yoga postures focus first on the health of the spine.

Michèle is committed to the study of Traditional Classical Yoga and remains a humble student of this life changing philosophy. She strives to maintain the highest ethical standards and moral conduct and is dedicated to her students’ ever changing needs for self-improvement and wellness.

Her recent study in India has reached new heights on her journey of self-discovery and wishes to share this knowledge with her students. She would like to express her deepest gratitude to her students. Their belief in her abilities, loyalty and encouragement has re-awakened the spirit and passion within.

Michèle Chrétien
Certified Traditional Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher, RYS Yoga Alliance

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve love and affection".